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The First Marathon Training Summit

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To Condition Your Mind, Body, and Run Performance.

Runners are either running from something or towards something. Ideally, you’ll run towards goals that will help you thrive and grow. Some runners are running away from failure, and one way to avoid failure is to not have to run or to have an excuse. This is a form of self-sabotage, or self-defeating behavior.
Over-training is sometimes a sign of fear of failure.  - Dr. Jim Taylor
Your Keynote Speaker

Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer is an iconic athlete, author, Emmy-award winning broadcaster and advocate for sports and social causes. Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to officially register and run the Boston Marathon in 1967. 

Who is the marathon training summit for?

Well, it’s for the runner who is CRAZY PASSIONATE about running (race events) for the rest of their life.

The "Crazy" runner who knows they'll be running into their 60's, 70's, and beyond… (that’s passion).
It’s for runners who feel lost, depressed, or in a funk because their run goals were altered by the pandemic… and now want to redefine their run goals and journey… 
It’s for those runners who know they NEED to update their current marathon training program, skills, challenge themselves, and start running with renewed purpose.

​The runners who get excited to learn about new training techniques, personal development, and implementing expert advice to increase their performance on runs.

If that sounds like you... then JOIN US in this marathon training summit that was created for runners like YOU!

Our Speakers Are Featured In:
Guest Speakers And Event Schedule

"Mindset, Mentality, & Attitude"

Dr. Jim Taylor

Authority on the Psychology of Sport
"How to Train Your Mind For Marathon Success"

Deena Kastor 

Olympic Bronze Medalist
"How to Master Your Mind to Cross Victory Lane"

Sara Hall

6x U.S. National Champion
"How Your Faith Affects 
Your Running"

Nita Sweeney

Author, Editor, Runner
"Why Depression Hates a Marathon Runner"

Gary Corbitt

Historian & Curator of the Ted Corbitt Archives
"How to Overcome Adversity 
Through Running"

Loretta Claiborne

Special Olympics Gold Medalist
"How To Be Fearless In 
Marathon Training and Life"

Roger Robinson

Marathon Legend, Author, Editor, & Professor
"How to Run Post-COVID-19 & 
Into Your 80's" 

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"Hitting The Wall"

Dr. Elissa Rosen

Certified Internal Medicine Physician
"Iron Deficiency & Its Effect On Endurance In Runners"

Nick Littlehales

Author & Elite Sport Sleep Coach
"Sleep: The New Plan to Recharge Your Mind & Body As A Runner"

Adam Gilbert

Nutritional Coach & Mentor
"The Importance of Eating Frequently As A 
Endurance Runner"

Jessica Leggio

Sports Biomechanics Expert
"Injuries During Marathon Training: Correction & Prevention"

Scott Douglas

Author, Editor, & Runner
"The Marathoner's Guide to CBD"

Dr. Rachel Bond

M.D. & FACC System Director
"How to Maintain A Healthy Heart 
as a Runner"

Martinus Evans

Runner & Motivational Speaker
"How to Defy Odds & Any StereoType Placed On You As An Athlete or Runner"


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Laura Siddall

5 x Iron-Distance Champion
"Going From a Corporate Executive to Professional Triathlete Champion"

Dr. Bill Pierce

Runner's World Super-Coach
"Increasing Mileage & Athletic Performance For Marathons"

Dr. Scott Murr

Co-Founder of Furman FIRST
"How to Plan Long and Short-term Running Goals"

Lisa Jhung

Author, Editor, Runner
"How to Make Marathon Training Not Suck"

Kathrine Switzer

Philanthropist, Author, & Marathoner
"How to Excel At Running 
No Matter Your Age"

Gray Cook

Co-Founder of FMS, PT, Certified Orthopedic C.S.C.S.
"Functional Movement Patterns For Maximum Run Performance" 

Adam Devine

Vice-President of Prospect Park Track Club
"How to Use A Run Group 
To Train For A Marathon"


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Now is the time to plan for 2021 run goals, recover from any nagging run injuries, and learn new training techniques - Watch the summit from the comfort of your own home and whatever device you prefer watching on!


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